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January 2020


We have been using Gail 6000 Series pumps for the past 15 years. These pumps are used in our ten bay self-service car wash. We could not ask for a more reliable pump. Low maintenance on these excellent pumps has kept down time to a minimum. I certainly recommend the use of Gail pumps to any one who needs long life with trouble free service.

Haddon Wilson

Power Car Wash
Farmingtion, NM



May 2021


Thank you for the service I received from your company. Thank you for being on the most considerate and cooperative persons that I have talkto when placing orders by phone. You are an asset to the company.

I am returning the caxt order because I had already found parts that worked before I received the order. I am also sending the freight charge.

Thanks again.

Gary Sewell,
Snata Fe, TN